The magnificent evening aarti is held daily at the Madan Mohan ji temple is known for its seasonal rituals surrounding the deity. In the summers the deity is covered in large quantities of sandalwood paste to keep him cool and only offered cooling foods as part of his bhog. Offerings to Madan Mohan ji

The daily offerings to Madan Mohan ji are as follows

Manglaaarti- Shakkarpare

Dhoop-aarti- MaakhanBhog

Shringaraarti- BadaKhirsa, Gunja

Rajbhog- Kaccha Prasad, kadi, chawal, chapatti, kheer, dal chana, moong dal

Badhaarti- badiimarti, badijalebi, malai, jugalrabri, pua


Sandhyaaarti- luchai

Ullaijhanki- luchai

Shayanaarti- puri,sabzi, doodh

Apart from these devotees are free to offer what they choose, including chappanbhog- a feast consisting of 56 varieties of delicacies and the Phoolbangla-a magnificent floral decoration of the temple.