The poshaks (raiment) of Madan Mohan ji and Gopal ji consists of the jama (a flared kurta), sutan (loose pyjamas), paag (turban) and bandhrauwa (shoulder cloth). On the occasion of Sharad Purnima, pure white poshaks are offered. Beginning with Akha Teej, Madan Mohan ji and Gopal ji don only a dhoti to keep cool through the hot summers.

Radha-Rani and Lalita ji wear poshaks consisting of the ghaghri, kurti and odhna and are offered all the accoutrements of shringar including kohl, henna, oil, attar, lip colour, nail colour, bindi and bangles.

Poshaks are often offered up by devotees. All of the gods are dressed in the jewellery offered by the royal family and other devotees over the centuries.